We Use Our Voice to Build Our Communities!

Studio & Business Offices in:

Anderson, IN
Delphos, OH

Lafayette, IN
Lima, OH
Muncie, IN

At Woof Boom, we believe local media has the power to affect communities in a positive manner.

“We are a purpose driven company that seeks to serve our communities and our employees”

About Woof Boom

Believing great radio is local radio, privately held Woof Boom Radio began with the stated intention to restore local control to radio listeners. Woof Boom started in 2013 with the purchase of 6 stations in East Central Indiana. Committed to passionate, local leadership to benefit its communities, advertisers, and listeners, Woof Boom is led by radio industry veteran J Chapman.

Four years later, Woof Boom opened a market with a new station in Lafayette, Indiana.  Two weeks later, the company closed on purchasing five stations in West Central Ohio, adding Delphos and Lima, Ohio.  Today, Woof Boom and its affiliated companies represent 16 signals in licensed to 7 communities with five studio and business office locations.

We Offer Digital Solutions

We offer a variety of digital solutions for a holistic approach to drive clients & customers to your business or organization. Some of these solutions include SEO, Reputation Management, Live Chat, Geo-framing, Retargeting, social media marketing and much more.

Woof Boom Radio holds tightly to these values:

Speak the Truth
Do your Best
Do what you say you will Do
Treat all with Respect
Work with Passion

And Brush your Teeth

If you were to step inside our office, you would see this sign that lays out these important values. Then walk around the building a bit and you’ll see standing trophies that say the same thing. These values can be found written everywhere, but it’s not just something we write down or say…it’s something we strive to do every day.

A set of values is useful to act as a guiding light to companies and should always be regarded and reflected with the utmost respect. Woof Boom Radio is committed to reflecting these values with our employees, our customers, and our listeners.

So that’s what it all boils down to, if you look at our company and you wonder what makes us different from everyone else, it’s the set of values we adhere to both in and out of the office, because we know our influence doesn’t end at the end of the work day.

Don't just take our word for it...