A lot has happened since Woof Boom Radio was formed in the summer of 2013, and it’s been exciting to be a part of something that’s constantly changing and growing.

Woof Boom Radio began with the stated vision: We use our voice to build our community. The improvement in our stations, our customer relations, and the values with which we operate our business are all in place to enable us to further this vision.

We are a company that is still in its infancy, even though many of our employees have been with these stations for more than 20 years. We realize our success and our ability to make a positive impact is in direct correlation to the people who open the mics, fix our transmitters, help our customers, and greet our listeners – the employees of Woof Boom radio. We are blessed for many reasons, but most importantly we are fortunate to work with people that share our vision for our company.

As the only locally owned and operated media group, we are proud to serve our community. We always welcome comments and feedback. Email us: ListenUp@woofboom.com or, if you prefer, give us a call at 765-288-4403.

Woof Boom Radio holds tightly to these values:

Speak the Truth
Do your Best
Do what you say you will Do
Treat all with Respect
Work with Passion

And Brush your Teeth

If you were to step inside our office, you would see this sign that lays out these important values. Then walk around the building a bit and you’ll see standing trophies that say the same thing. These values can be found written everywhere, but it’s not just something we write down or say…it’s something we strive to do every day.

A set of values is useful to act as a guiding light to companies and should always be regarded and reflected with the utmost respect. Woof Boom Radio is committed to reflecting these values with our employees, our customers, and our listeners.

So that’s what it all boils down to, if you look at our company and you wonder what makes us different from everyone else, it’s the set of values we adhere to both in and out of the office, because we know our influence doesn’t end at the end of the work day.

Our Stations

The stations of WLBC (104.1), WERK (104.9), WBKQ (96.7 & 102.9), WHBU (1240AM & 101.1FM), WMUN (1340AM & 92.5FM) and WMXQ (93.5) all have a long history of being an important part of the community, and we are proud to be continuing that tradition today.

WLBC has been selected as one of 50 finalists for the National Crystal Award – presented to only 10 radio stations each year. It was a tremendous honor being recognized as one of the 50 station finalists out of nearly 15,000 stations in the United States. WLBC was also chosen as Station of the Year at the 2020 IBA Spectrum Awards. WMUN’s Mark Foerster won Sports Broadcast of the Year at the same Awards. 

We introduced some great changes on-air as well; from expanded our reach with BLAKE FM by simulcasting on 102.9FM and updating WHBU to Oldies 101.1 FM. It’s fun to keep things fresh and we love being able to serve the community we do business in while we do it.

Radio Audiences

Our stations inform, captivate, and entertain the people of East Central Indiana, and these stations collectively reach more people than any other media organization in our area. While we know our stations connect people here every day, the latest published research from Nielsen also confirms Radio’s ability to touch more people today than any other medium at 93% each week.

Click here for more Nielsen information about Radio’s reach.

The Muncie Journal

No one organization can be successful operating alone and we understand this, that’s why we have collaborated with other companies and organizations to advance local conversations and communicate some of the tremendous growth and progress that is happening in Delaware County.

Click here to read all the real life stories the Muncie Journal has today.

This project is another example of the belief we share: our future. It’s one more reason why we are proud to operate our business, Woof Boom Radio, here.