Woof Boom Radio Community Partnerships and Sponsorships

Woof Boom Radio was launched to take back control of local radio. We take seriously our role in being a great community partner in the many cities and towns that we serve.10632780_937437706271841_2541686503758305561_n

Each year, we choose to support only a select number of causes on an exclusive basis. These causes receive our largest commitment of resources. We will also support worthwhile causes in a non-exclusive manner, and we commit to helping others by providing access to our community calendar.

No other media organization has our extensive reach, therefore we receive many worthy requests. As a locally owned business that is committed to using our resources judicially to give back to the community, we ask for those groups that are seeking our support help us in determining how best to commit our efforts.

Please keep in mind, that we assist programs or initiatives that address a specific social condition and have a plan that can accomplish stated objectives.

For consideration you must be one of the following:

  • A 501c3 (or other designated not-for-profit organization) and are able to provide documentation
  • An educational, government, or city agency
  • In an emergency, crisis situation
  • Event which is free and open to the public

If your event is a fundraiser, we must receive a letter documenting what the charity will receive and a follow up letter from the charity when they receive the donation.

To complete the following form, you must be 13 years of age or older.

Please contact Steve Lindell for further sponsorship and partnership information: Steve.Lindell@WoofBoom.com

The above criteria are guidelines to assist in applying our limited resources to worthwhile causes. Woof Boom Radio retains the right to accept or decline any request.