Jen Marsee

Jen has always been very clumsy, causing her parents to place her in gymnastics and she was a gymnast for 10 years, still clumsy.  Jen graduated from the Ohio State University with an English Degree and had the intentions of becoming a professor.  However parenthood had other plans for her.  She worked as a visual merchandiser for 13 years and enjoyed traveling and of course creating amazing displays for customers to enjoy in Las Vegas, Highpoint, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia.

She then started in advertising with the local paper in Lima and then moved on to the local TV station and after a small stint away from advertising she is now happy here at Woof Boom!  She enjoys spending time with her kids.  Her oldest, Caden is in several bands and when she is not his roadie, she is a groupie.  Zandyr, her  youngest, age 9, impresses her everyday with his unbelievable mind and she knows at this point he is smarter than her, she finds him helpful especially when tax season comes around.  Jen’s first grandchild will be arriving in November, it’s a girl!  And she can’t wait to spoil her.  In her spare time she likes to golf, work outside, and hike.