Sue Tschuor – Sales Training & Development

Sue has made a 35-year career in the field of media……newspaper, TV, radio and teaching media sales at Ball State University.  Radio has always been her favorite!  She loves coaching the sales team and working with each one individually to help them reach their goals.  When Sue isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, and their two “furry kids” – Jack and Jill.   She loves to read, to travel, and to spend time with their 3 grown children, 3 grand-daughters, and their families. While Leah’s Love is the end result of a tragedy, it’s become a resource of help for other parents that have experienced the loss of a child. Formed by Sue and her family, their mission is to collect and fill comfort boxes with items and information that will help young parents through the devastating loss. You can help by donating online. You can also help by connecting parents who have experienced a loss to this website. They want to help and we want to offer comfort.