Muncie’s Sales Stand-Out of the Year

Each year, for the past 4 years, we have done a “Sales Stand-Out of the Year.” This award’s nominations are submitted anonymously by the sales department stating whom they feel deserves it and why. The qualifications for this award are:

1.) They must always work with a positive attitude,

2.) They must always be on time and focused on their goals at hand;

3.) They consistently work towards the Woof Boom mission,

4.) They continuously carry ALL Woof Boom values,

5.) They are goal-oriented, and lastly,

6.) They actively help the team accomplish our goals.

Below are the nominations for Mark and why the majority of team members felt he was the most deserving of this award:

“He has always been true to the values of Woof Boom and is always striving to obtain his goals. Mark had his BEST year ever here at Woof Boom. He is always one to be a team FIRST player.”

“He is able to hit his goal almost EVERY month. He grows accounts, manages his accounts, and maintains his show and high school sports.”

“When faced with challenges, Mark rolls with the punches. He keeps pushing forward. He is a perfect role model for sales.”

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