Wade’s Words of Wisdom

With the New Year, a lot of us want to make ourselves better. I have never made a resolution, but this year is different. In September 2023, I had a major heart attack with no warning signs before. It required open heart surgery to do a quadruple bypass. The main reason I am sharing this is because I don’t want to see anybody else go through what I did if it can be avoided. Yes, there are a lot of factors that can be the cause, but if it had been caught earlier, I may not have had to go through the extreme pain of surgery. I was one of “those guys” who had worked 70-80 hours a week for years, and I didn’t take care of myself. If it doesn’t hurt, why worry right?

Do yourself and the people who love you a favor and get the tests, heart scans, lung/cancer screens, etc. Early detection is a matter of life and death. I am almost 4 months out of surgery, and the doctors say I am doing amazing, which is great to hear but could have been prevented. On another note, work is important, but don’t let it consume you and make you forget to enjoy life. This was the hard way to learn.

Wade is the man. He’s behind-the-scenes for us, but a genuine superstar. Dedicated and invaluable. Board-opping sports and remote broadcasts and also on the air weekends on WERK and MAX. A true radio guy.

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