Steve Lindell Celebrates 30 Years at WLBC

What’s it feel like to be at one station for 30 years? 

Proud of the longevity – more proud to be able to make a positive difference. My first gig was as a sophomore in High School at WYRQ, Little Falls, MN, in 1984! 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in radio? 

There are good people and not-so-good people – I learn from both!

I think it is great how Steve has embraced technology during his time in the Muncie building. To get programs on the air, he has used at least three kinds of automation. There was Arrakis Digilink, then BSI Simian, then two flavors of AudioVault. So no matter what kind of tools he has, he makes the end result sound great. Steve holds the record for the most Muncie building offices occupied at (4). 

I appreciate how Steve is a different person than he was when I first started working with him in 2002. He has worked very hard to sustain a positive mindset and an appreciation for others. 

One of the highlights of our time working together was in 2007. I set up a wacky bicycle for Steve to use for National Ride-Your-Bike-to-Work Day. It had a wireless microphone mounted to the handlebars. I gave him a “WLBC” hard hat bike helmet with a silly-looking antenna screwed to the top of it. That bike had signs and an orange “Buzz” the bee flag on it. He rode it through the streets of Muncie while broadcasting and ringing the bike bell. His Board Op chased him closely in the WLBC van, where a Marti transmitter was powered up and fed by his wireless mic. The van relayed his ride back to the radio station for the live morning show. Somehow he pedaled to the Burger King out by the mall, ordering food at their speaker during his bike-riding adventure. It was quite an entertaining broadcast. 

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