Delphos, Why it Works, by Bob Ulm

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, the PBR in the Morning show on Fun 1071 WDOH would be a big city radio consultants’ nightmare.

We spend more time on local news than you’re supposed to on an FM music station, our talk segments are without a doubt longer than any consultant would think prudent, and our announcers have a combined age that tops 200. Still, by all indications, not just ours, the show and its audience continues to grow. Any contest segment has our phones lighting up, and many of our listeners seem to relish the chance to get on the air.

Did I mention that we play more commercials than we should because advertisers seem to love the show too? Ask any of us what our formula for success is, and we would only say, we’re live, and we’re local. As we’ve often said on the air, “You won’t hear anything like this on those national radio shows.”

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Anderson/Daleville Address:
9821 S 800 W
Daleville, IN 47334

111 E. 2nd Street
Delphos, OH 45833

Lafayette Address:
654 Main Street
Lafayette, IN 47901

Lima Address:
57 Town Square
Lima, OH 45801

Muncie Address:
800 E 29th St.
Muncie, IN 47302