Back To School – To Show Kids That Radio Is Cool

by: Megan Orbin, Assistant to the President
edited by: Liz Valpatic, Digital Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Something fun we get to do as a media entity is to talk to classes about our business – Elementary, Jr. High, Sr. High, even University. There’s something so rewarding about kids eagerness to learn our trade and we are always happy to oblige.

The most recent visit we participated in was on May 15th, 2019 to the Jr. High students of South Side Technology in Lima, Ohio where we visited to give a demonstration about radio and commercial production. Production Director, Jeff Wittler, and Station Manager, Phil Austin, spoke to the students there as a continuation of a recent classroom project that had them recreate a :60 Reineke Dealership ad – a local dealership that has a huge presence on our Ohio stations.

Each student transcribed, recorded, and produced their own individual ads and were asked to videotape the entire process. Phil and Jeff then demonstrated the process of how an ad is written, recorded, and produced (our version), teaching these kids the tricks of the trade.

Reineke Ford General Manager, Matt Holtsberry, was also in attendance and he shared what it was like to work with all aspects of our radio stations: Sales, Production, and Traffic (commercial scheduling, for those out there like me who thought it meant people constantly watching traffic reports to share on-air). In order to reward their hard work, there are talks of using the student’s voices in the newest Reineke Dealership ads.

Jeff Wittler has devoted a lot of his life to the production of commercials, so watching these kids try their hands at his profession meant a lot to him.
“It’s important to reach out to our young people and share with them that there are local people behind the voiced and the creativity they hear everyday. And how just ONE commercial can have an impact. They proved it with all they were able to learn while creating their own versions of that single ad. I enjoyed showing them that the audio/video skills they are learning in school today can lead them to a multitude of career options in the future.”

If you would like to have any of our professionals come and talk to your class (whether you’re in or near Muncie/Anderson, Lafayette, Indiana or Lima, Ohio), please contact us today!