Why (Woof Boom) Radio?

By: Liz Valpatic - Digital Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

I don’t know if you’ve heard, it’s a pretty big deal, but radio has the ability to touch more people today than any other medium. 93% of people, measured by Nielsen, listen to radio each week. That’s more than TV, newspaper and even YouTube. Why? This may be speculation, but everyone has access to a radio. And it’s free! At least, terrestrial radio is. So when you have access to something free, informative, fun, and local…it’s hard to pass up. Not every car has an aux outlet or Bluetooth, but it sure has a radio. Not every household is willing to pay for internet or cable, but they either have a radio in their car, ride public transit that has a radio playing, or work somewhere that plays radio during their shift. It’s non invasive but hard to get away from. Plus, did I mention it’s free? There’s no “freemium” catch, there’s no radio-thon each year to raise money (though we have much respect for our public radio brothers and sisters). If you have any year of car (regardless of if you upgraded to the full package or stuck with the standard equipment), or a smart speaker, or a smartphone, or even an old school, plug into the wall or purchase mad D batteries radio…it’s completely free. And we can’t say that about a lot of things nowadays.
For more information on “Why Radio”, click through the Radio Advertising Bureau’s 10 Reasons for Radio.

More specifically, why Woof Boom Radio? I’ll give you 4 important reasons:

1. At Woof Boom Radio, we are fortunate enough to be locally owned. That benefits both our employees AND our listeners because it essentially means that we can do whatever we want (within FCC regulations, of course).

2. Woof Boom Radio has 12 different radio stations:

In Muncie and Anderson, Indiana, we have 104.1 WLBC that’s Hot AC, 104.9 WERK is Classic Hits, 93.5 MAX is Classic Rock, 96.7 Blake is New Country, 102.9FM & 1340AM WXFN is a Fox Sports affiliate and local sports, and 103.7FM & 1240AM WHBU is local talk shows and Oldies music.

In Lafayette, Indiana, we have Q106.7 which is The Best Music of Yesterday and Today.

In Lima, Wapakoneta, and Delphos, Ohio – we have FUN 107.1 FM that is Classic Hits, 104.9 The Eagle which plays Classic Rock, 92.1 The Frog plays New Country, 93.1 The Fan is Sports Radio, and 940 WCIT Sportstalk.

That means that we have the ability to essentially reach all 93% of those people who listen to radio in multiple Midwestern cities. We diversified and our customers are better off because of it. Because when you buy with Woof Boom Radio, you have the ability to reach everyone in your target audience, whoever and wherever they are!

3. We know that after the advertising sale, there is a lot of hidden costs when it comes to getting your message created. TV commercials can be costly and take a long time to produce, and any print media requires a design element done by either a professional on your payroll, or you outsource it to be done by another, perhaps more expensive professional. But at Woof Boom Radio – your messages are custom created by our in-house Creative Services Director, approved by you, recorded by us, and changeable at any time. At. No. Charge. These messages are timely and expertly produced, because when WE sound good, YOU sound even better!

4. We strive to be our customers best MARKETING PARTNER. This means that, when you do business with us, you don’t just get radio advertising done right – you get a media professional who is going to reach out to you with any new ideas, new industry information, or best practices, etc. that has been made available to us as we work hard every day to stay on top of all of the trends.

Are you convinced yet? Good!
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