The New 103.7FM & 1240AM WHBU

Arranged by: Liz Valpatic - Digital Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

WHBU is the 2nd oldest radio station (and oldest commercial station) in the state and is the only secular Anderson station focusing on the entire Anderson Community and on May 1st, 2019, WHBU-AM was relaunched in a music format: The NEW 103.7 & 1240AM WHBU.

With selections from 60s, 70s, and the Roots of Rock & Roll, listeners will be entertained for hours listening to this carefully crafted station. The focus will continue to be Anderson and Madison County with local talk shows and a new morning show host.

One of the excited additions being made to this new station is the presense of Indiana native, Mitch Henck. Mitch has returned from Winconsin to be the host of “Mitch in the Mornings” from 7am until 9am every weekday. When asked about his new show, Mitch stated, “I am really excited to help launch a new morning News/Talk Show on WHBU. We really put Anderson and Madison County first. We want to capture stories about the special people who live here as they pursue their hopes and dreams every day.”

Anderson local, Brian Hammons, Broadcast Development Consultant, is spearheading the revitalizing of WHBU-AM. He grew up in the shadow of the Wigwam and had this to say about the station,
“When I was growing up in Anderson, WHBU was the station you had to listen to for anything Anderson and Madison County related. It was a big deal when your high school game was broadcast on WHBU because the whole town was listening! With the backing of J Chapman and Woof Boom Radio, I am excited to help bring WHBU back to prominence. We want this grand old station to once again be THE voice of Anderson and Madison County.”

Every roll out deserves a fitting party to gather the proper momentum, so we celebrated The New WHBU’s launch at Oakley Brothers Distillery in Anderson on May 1st. We were joined by a lot of important Anderson elites like – Joe Clark from the Financial Enhancement Group, Wally Post from the Anderson Hypnosis Center, Tim Smith the superintendent of Anderson Community Schools, Nancy Anderson from St. Vincent Anderson, local businessman Ben Orcutt, City Councilman Greg Graham, mayoral candidate Kevin Smith, Gary Mong from the Anderson Speedway, Steve Bottomley from Wells-Fargo, Dirk Webb of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce, local businesswoman Jean Poole, James Burgess of the NAACP and, Bret Busby.

The NEW 103.7FM & 1240AM WHBU is available to listen to on your terrestrial radio, and to stream on your desktop, via a mobile app, and through your Amazon Devices. Listeners can hear every hour live, or choose to play back any hour from the past 24 hours on-demand, free.