Culture at Woof Boom Radio

Written by: Liz Valpatic, Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator

In an interview with a new company, it’s easy to find out some of the important things: salary, vacation time, hours, dress code, etc. But it’s harder to feel out what exactly it is you will be walking into every day after you take that job.

The culture of a company is so very important – it can make or break someone’s decision to take the job or keep looking. But IF that question came up in an interview – “What is the culture like here?” –  it would be very hard to answer.

Workplace culture is where the employee handbook ends and everything else is just beginning.

It’s time for us to take a BIG bite out of Woof Boom Radio’s culture and share it with all who are wondering…”what is the culture like there?”

  • The Management

It’s not often that the president of a company sits and works in the same office as his employees, but that’s the structure we have here. His door is open so often that we are often surprised if we ever see it closed. The rest of the management staff is the same – so approachable, so caring, so involved. It’s not uncommon for their doors to be wide open as well – a physical gesture to come in and ask, vent, talk.

  • The People

Even though we are a small family of 30ish employees, we have all the important characters represented. We are mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, theater kids and jocks, right brain thinkers and left brain thinkers, ancestry enthusiasts and pop culture know-it-alls, old and young, tall and short.
We are all so different, even though 10% of us are named Brian (Bryon), and opposites really do attract.
Read about each of them here.

  • The Atmosphere

If all you want in a job is to come to work, put your head down, get your work done, clock out, and repeat – this is not the workplace for you. Sure, work gets done, we aren’t slackers by any mean, but in between duties, there are so many people to connect with, lives to be updated on, chickens to feed, gardens to tend, the newest, wildest projects to poke your head in on.


All are lovingly referred to as Earl, even though they are all women.
Not pictured: the hard workers who tend to our ‘au natural’ garden.

Yes, I said chickens to feed. We have 5 and they have finally started laying eggs! We celebrated with cigars and a photoshoot.
Yes, I said gardens to tend. We have an employee garden that grows cucumbers WAY bigger than the average garden, we’re sure of it!

Yes, I said wild projects. Our most recent one was purchasing an old, orange, decommissioned Fire Truck that is a very complicated manual beast only few know how to properly drive.

If you’re sick, and we find out about it, expect multiple calls and texts telling you, sincerely, if you need anything, ANYTHING, let us know.
If you’re having a bad day, because we recognize that we are all human and this happens, expect kind words and help in any form you need.
If you’ve had a family emergency, expect cards and prayers and thoughts and shoulders to cry on.

That’s the culture, the long answer to the interviewer’s seldom posed question.
There’s not a lot of us, so we all stick together, and we are constantly striving to make the culture and company – even ourselves – better.