A Woof Boom Radio Christmas

By: Liz Valpatic, Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator

Company Christmas parties can sometimes be an awkward affair. You can find yourself running into people you generally tend to avoid, making small talk with someone who you have only truly met one time, or listening to long winded speeches from management or corporate, among many other frustrating and socially uncomfortable situations.

But if you get lucky, you’re company Christmas party can be filled with laughter, food, spirited conversations and drinks to match, SHORT speeches, beer tours, and an air of respect and appreciation the whole night through.

I count myself one of the lucky ones.

Mark Di Fabio being appropriately excited about Chili’s catering our party

Our small family had our Woof Boom Radio Christmas party on December 14th at the Elm Street Brewing Company in Muncie, catered by Mark Di Fabio’s favorite restaurant: Chilis.

An important thing to note about working in radio: everyone and everything is so vastly different in the BEST of ways. There are so many differing, strong personalities that you would think having them all in the same room at the same time would create some problems, but it was quite the opposite. With two buildings for one company, and on-air shifts starting early in the morning, we don’t get to see each other all the time, so we welcomed the opportunity to sit down and talk face to face.

They accidentally spelled Roxie’s name wrong, but we forgave them

The conversations flowed all through the night, and we even received a tour through the brewery where our Local Sales Manager, Roxie Moorman, found out that Elm Street has a barrel named after her!

All in all, our lucky group got to have a fun, warm night basking in the glow of close friends, coworkers, and family while reveling in the spirit of Christmas.

Thank you, Woof Boom Radio family, for another memorable year and party. Here’s to many more.