Then and Now

By: Kim Morris, On Air Personality on WLBC

People are often surprised to hear I’ve worked at WLBC for 23 years.  I’d like to think it’s because I look too young for that, but the truth is it’s extremely rare for a DJ to be at any radio station that long.  There’s a considerable amount of “turn over” in the broadcasting industry.

I’m thrilled to have hosted the WLBC Midday Show for nearly a quarter of a century.  I look forward to being on air every morning.  When I was hired in the spring of 1993, I wasn’t a novice.  I’d been on air in my home state of Virginia since I was 14, but this was new.  A 50,000 watt heritage powerhouse!  I was beyond excited to prove myself.

As an added bonus, Garfield creator Jim Davis was one of  WLBC’s owners then.  Who wouldn’t want to say they worked for the brilliant mind behind the world famous, lasagna loving cat?

Kim1The opportunities seemed endless and I was encouraged to pursue all my passions.  TV, Voiceovers, Film, Auto racing.  I volunteered at WIPB TV for years and was later hired to host the Ball State Sports Report.  A chance to work for INDY TV came along so I did that too.  INDY TV was owned by Tony George at the time and before long I was on pit road with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network.  I had covered NASCAR in the south so traveling with INDYCAR full season for four years was a dream come true.  During my years with the network, I also freelanced for IMS Productions and ESPN2.

All DJ’s have their favorite interviews and celebrity encounters.  One of mine was being in Victory Circle at IMS interviewing Team Owner David Letterman when Buddy Rice won the Indy 500 in 2004.  He blew a kiss to the sky and let out that familiar Letterman chuckle just as we went live.  Dave was a DJ in Muncie years before I arrived.  The stories are legendary.

Kim2My favorite musician experience was being backstage with the King of the Blues, B.B. King.  I’ve never met anyone as authentic or talented in my life.  It was surreal!  B.B. was a former radio DJ too, in the late 40’s in Memphis.  Did you know he performed 342 concerts in one year and was still performing at 88 years old?  So inspiring.  I feel profoundly fortunate to have met him, a kind soul.

Most broadcasters and musicians are kindred spirits, we feel woven together in the tapestry of life.

When J Chapman arrived here three years ago, we felt that kindred connection with him immediately.  J has been on air, lead successful sales teams and now is owner of Woof Boom Radio.  We’ve always been
community focused and J has expanded our outreach even more.  You’ll hear us say, “Live, local and here for you,” and we mean it.  Whether it’s alerting you to dangerous weather, golfing in your group’s fundraiser or wishing your child a “Happy Birthday” on the radio, we are here hoping to make a positive

I’ve always been proud to be on air here and even more so now.  Our Woof Boom company culture inspires us to create work we love and be more productive and effective than ever.  We actively seek ways to shine our spotlight on others and as J often says, “We use our voice to build the community.”

When you listen to this voice on the radio, it’s my best hope that you hear gratitude.  It’s been on of the greatest blessings of my life to share over two decades with you.