All Things New

By: J Chapman, President

Two years and counting.

It’s exciting to be part of something that is changing and growing. There has been a lot of that here.

Woof Boom Radio began as a new company based in Muncie in June of 2013. We began our operations with the stated vision: We use our voice to build our community. The improvement in our stations, our customer relations, and the values with which we operate our business are all in place to enable us to further our vision.

The stations of WLBC (104.1), WERK (104.9), WBKQ (96.7), WXFN (1340 & 102.9), AND WMXQ (93.5) all have a long history of being an important part of the community. We are proud to continue that today. This spring, WLBC was selected as one of 50 finalists for the National Crystal Award – which is given to 10 stations each year. While WLBC did not win, it was an honor to be recognized as one of 50 radio stations out of nearly 20,000 in the United States.

On-air, many of our stations have a different sound today. WERK, now celebrating its 50th year, not only has a new sound, but we believe is one of the fastest growing stations in this area. A year ago we launched BLAKE FM to play the most popular new country music…not just the country hits from many years ago. It’s like all of our stations – locally owned and operated – serving the community where we do business.

Our stations are designed to captivate and entertain the people of East Central Indiana. These stations collectively reach more people than any other media organization in this area. While our stations connect people here every day; recently, the research conglomerate, Nielsen, published their latest study confirming Radio’s ability today to touch more people than any other medium (93% each week). That’s right, radio today reaches more people than live TV, newspaper, and YouTube.

No one organization can be successful operating alone. We understand this. A year ago, we began collaborating with other companies and organizations to advance the conversations and news that were not being communicated. Every day, there are positive stories and economic development that is taking place in our region. We are going to tell those stories. It won’t change overnight – but it will change. We are determined and committed to spread the news of what is taking place here and why our future is brighter today than it was yesterday.

Recently, we launched a new digital product: that is focused on telling the stories that will shape Muncie’s future. The Muncie Journal has a different tone. It communicates what is happening in Muncie and East Central Indiana. We are not charging a fee for the news – we will provide the stories and information to the people of Delaware County free so everyone can decide what the future looks like. We believe in the future here. We are proud to operate our business here.

Woof Boom Radio is a company that is in its infancy; although many of our employees have been with these stations for more than 20 years. We ultimately realize our success and our ability to make a positive impact is in direct correlation to the people who open the mics, fix our transmitters, help our customers, and greet our listeners – the employees of Woof Boom Radio. We are blessed for many reasons but most importantly we are fortunate to work with people that share the vision: We use our voice to build our community.