My Passion For Radio

By: Mark Di Fabio

Ok, so let me get this straight, I just learned what the internet is and now they want me to do something called a “blog!” This all moves too fast for me!

As I approach my first year at Woof Boom, I am truly amazed at what this group of stations is, what they do, how they affect the community, and the unbelievable staff here that makes it all work!

I love the city of Muncie and try to get involved where I think I can help and make the most impact. That is one of the main reasons why I came to WLBC and Woof Boom, because that philosophy runs throughout this entire company.

I am amazed that, as a Ball State graduate in Radio and Television (that’s what it was known when old people like David Letterman went there), I would never believe that I would actually end up at a radio station. I really enjoy marketing for my clients and coming up with solutions for their business. I appreciate the trust they have shown with me and even more so the relationships we have developed over the years.

Those that know me, I’m sure, would agree on one word to describe me: passionate! I will use all the passion I can to get the job done and done right. It was once said that you cannot fake passion and that is so true. My passion involves what makes me who I am and my surroundings.

What is your passion and how are you using it?

Hey, this blog thing is not that bad! I will have to do this again soon and maybe update this on my actual year anniversary! Oh well, I think I will work now on sending one of those text things on my phone!